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Resolution Rewards at Guts Casino

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Jan 11, 2011


Resolution Rewards

January is the time of year when everyone says they’re going to do this, that and the other, in order to improve their lives. Whether that’s eating healthier, exercising more often or doing less partying. Thing is, most of these good intentions don’t last long. So, we’re not taking them seriously this year.

Instead, all we’re asking you to do is play your favourite Guts Casino games throughout January to collect doughnuts. And no, the doughnuts aren’t just there for the hell of it — they mean something!

You guys are kinda crazy. What are the doughnuts for, then?

Well, each doughnut you collect means you get to pick a not-so-serious resolution (just for fun, promise!). Each resolution is tied to a game, for which you’ll earn some fabulous free spins. So, basically, the more you play, the more doughnuts you’ll collect and the more free spins you’ll get!

How do I collect the doughnuts? I must admit I do love them!

Ha, we knew it! So, here’s the deal. Every time you play, you’ll see your progress bar inch along. Reach the end and you’ll get a notification telling you that you’ve collected a doughnut. Hit that notification whenever you want and you’ll be asked to pick your resolution and earn free spins!

Right. I get the resolution bit, but how do I choose my free spins?

Each resolution is tied to a game (you’ll see exactly what we mean as soon as you collect your first doughnut), so by picking a resolution you’ll earn free spins for that game instantly. Simply open the game once you’ve made your decision and you’ll see your fabulous free spins waiting for you.

Cool. Anything else I should know? What if I get tired of doughnuts?

Impossible. But, anyway, we’ve already thought of that. If you manage to collect all 15 doughnuts, you’ll be entitled to a special mystery prize, which’ll be revealed at the time. And for anything else you need to know, scroll down to the T&Cs.

Promotion Specific Terms and Conditions:
• The ‘’Promotional Period’’ runs from launch on January 12th 2017 (UTC) until 23:59 (UTC) on January 31st 2017.
• By participating in this promotion, you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions outlined here.
• This Promotion is available for players registered in and residing in the following territories: Australia, Austria, Finland, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Malta, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland & the United Kingdom.
• All times and dates quoted in this promotion adhere to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
• Upon completing a Resolution level in the progress, you can select one of two Resolution outcomes in the form of free spins. Once you have selected this, the free spins shall be awarded automatically. You can open the game in question, and play them at your convenience.
• If you have selected resolution free spins but change your mind afterwards, Guts Casino unfortunately cannot accommodate any change for said selection and it is considered finalized.
• Only players who have deposited at Guts are eligible for Resolution gifts. Players are free to make a qualifying deposit at any stage during the Promotional Period and thereby ensure their eligibility.
• During the Promotional Period, players can work towards progressing through the 15 progress levels by wagering at the casino.
• Games under the ‘’Video Slots’’ & ‘’Other Games’’ categories contribute the most towards the player’s progress. ‘’Classic Slots’’ contribute 25% less and ‘’Live Dealer’’ games contribute between 5-10% of what ‘’Video Slots’’ contribute.
• Game categories other than the ones mentioned directly above do not count towards level progression.
• Double Up, Gamble & Supermeter bets on slots do not contribute towards level progression.
• Certain games listed under contributing game categories count only 50% as much as all other video slots: Bloodsuckers, 1429 Uncharted Seas, Kings of Chicago.
• The progress bar will update after each individual qualifying game round played.
• All free spins at Guts and in this promotion are entirely free from wagering requirements.
• Players restricted by Guts management from receiving bonuses and/or free spins are not eligible to win any of the promotional prizes in this campaign, but they are welcome to follow the journey.
• In the event of a conflict, the decision of Guts Casino management is binding and final.
• General Bonus Terms and Conditions apply in full unless otherwise stipulated on this promotion page, Progress Bar information and/or Resolution gift selection area.

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