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Fortune Cookie Bingo At Cyber Bingo

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Feb 25, 2008
Fortune Cookie Bingo At Cyber Bingo

Lucky Bingo

Everyone loves to crack open their fortune cookies at the end of a delicious Chinese
meal. This lucky cookie is very popular and although the origin is not clear, what is
clear is that it is supposed to bring good luck. Crack open your lucky Fortune Cookie
at CyberBingo on Thursday July 20th and play for up to $30,000 in fabulous prizes.

The Fortune Cookie Bingo fun starts at 8:00PM EDT in the Diamond Bingo room on
Thursday July 20th as we play the first of three irresistible Top of the Hour Fortune
Cookie $10,000 Coverall minimum $100 games. Each game has a card cost of $1.00
a card and a fantastic cash prize of up to $10,000 to be won.

Increase your luck playing our Fortune Cookie Bingo games with a fabulous Buy 3
Get 2 Free offer on all cards. Simply select or create 5 cards of your choosing and
you’ll only be charged for 3!

Create your own luck by choosing your own lucky bingo numbers and creating your
very own Custom Bingo Card. Choose from Birthdays, special occasions, any number
that is special to you and create your very own bingo card to use again and again.
There’s no charge to create your first Custom Bingo card and you could be creating
your own luck as you play for a share of up to $30,000 in our Fortune Cookie Bingo