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The Lord of the Poker Grind Challenge at Titan Poker

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Feb 20, 2008
The Lord of the Poker Grind Challenge at Titan Poker

Win up to $250 in bonuses in April!

The infamous Lord of the Grind is holding his monthly online poker grinder trials. Pass one of his challenges to claim your rewards and take your honorary seat as a Knight of the Round Poker Table.

The Lord of the Poker Grind challenge:

The trials can be mastered in four levels of poker grinding difficulty.
Generate a specific number of Points per day, for 10 or 20 days, in a calendar month to reach your targeted Lord of the Grind Shield.
As a reward you will receive cash and a pending bonus.
The higher your level of difficulty achieved - the higher your rank and monthly reward.
If you qualified for multiple levels then you will receive the highest reward.
For the purpose of this promotion, Points derived from tournament play are based on the tournament's end time.

How to check your status?

You can click on the "check your status" button above or get updated through the poker software under "News and Offers".

Once you are on the status page, login with your nickname and password and you will see the following:
  • Monthly calendar - shows your history of Points accumulation for each day
  • Progress table - shows your daily progress for all Lord of the Grind qualification levels.
  • Status bar - shows Points generated today, your current rank (if completed) and days left in the month.

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