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New Telesina Poker Now Available At Redbet Poker!

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Jan 17, 2008
New Telesina Poker Now Available At Redbet Poker!

Telesina is a popular online poker game in Italy and has been called the Italian version of 5 card stud. Telesina plays with a stripped deck (low cards 2-6 is removed from the deck) and the first 4 rounds play out as a 5 card stud. The difference here is that a community card is placed in the last round, face up in the middle of the table that all players use.

How it works

There is 5 rounds in total in which you can bet, the player with the best hand always starts the round. The player then have a choice to bring in (betting 50% of the current stake) or bet the minimum bet at the table. At the last and fifth round you face off against your opponents and together with the community card you have to have a better hand than your opponent. Since one of your card is hidden you’ll be able to surprise and beat opponents even though they have had a better exposed hand throughout the game.