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Jan 11, 2011

Runs from September 14th until September 16th

We have a selection of 10 football themed games. We divide them into two groups: TEAM HOME and TEAM AWAY.

The promotion runs from Monday to Tuesday and then again on Wednesday, but separately, i.e. on the Monday, 14th from 12:00 to Tuesday, 15th at 20:45 and on Wednesday, 16th from 00:00 to 20:45. NB! We only stop the cron job at 20:45 but players can of course still play the games. It will just not contribute towards the campaign. However, this information will not explicitly be communicated to the player.

Team HOME will be:
Monday/Tuesday: PSG
Wednesday: AC Roma

Team AWAY will be:
Monday/Tuesday: Malmö
Wednesday: Barcelona

By playing a game listed in the TEAM HOME group the player effectively chooses that team. He/she cannot change the team once it is chosen. However, a new team can be chosen the next day.

This means:
On Monday/Tuesday, a player can support MALMÖ (Team AWAY) and on Wednesday the player can support AC Roma (Team HOME).

Playing 100 rounds (min bet €0.50) will give the player €2. They can receive up to €20 EUR like this.

The multipliers are as follows:
0 goals = money is multiplied by 1
1 goal = money is multiplied by 2
2 goals = money is multiplied by 3
3 goals = money is multiplied by 4
4 goals = money is multiplied by 5

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