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10 Free Spins When You Register At Guts Casino

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Jan 11, 2011


By simply registering an account at Guts.com, we'll give you 10 FREE SPINS on Piggy Riches to get the fun started. No deposit is required and most importantly, the free spins are WAGER FREE. What you win, you keep as cash!

How to claim your 10 free spins:
1. Register and activate your Guts account
2. Search for the casino game "Piggy Riches"
3. Click on the "Play Now" button

The game will load, you automatically get credited with 10 free rounds and you are on your way to winning some free cash.

And don't forget to take advantage of our $400 Welcome Package for even more chances of winning big.

Good luck!

This offer is only available for players from Australia, Canada, Finland, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

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Junior Streaker
Mar 30, 2008
Hi all streakers,

i was a very high loyal player in this casino or gamblingportal, alot of friends too. I Deposited thousands there. Then they decided to kick out german players because of one player they heard or read about (if i remember right, it was a gamblingjunkie which haven`t played at this portal) has contacted his lawyer and the justice because he wanted back his money because he meaned he was addicted of gambling and had no control over his gambling anymore. He lost alot in onlinecasinos and portals. That`s one of the two stories!!!
The otherone is that this player won alot one day but haven`t informed the financial department in germany about it and payed no tax for his winnings. Then the court or investigators recieved a tip and said (with help of the police) "come here man and tell us about it" :-D ( Never loose the fun or your happiness even if you are angry about someone ;-) )

And now there should be an open law situation ;-) GUTS means, but they are the only one!!
They closed our accounts and i asked them whats the problem. They told me about it and said it is a compliaction with the EU (europe) law for gambling, and because of that they cannot say whats the end of the story with this one player and the courts and the rules for europeans or for german players, the decided to close accounts of german players. GUTS is registered at Malta, Malta is a part of the EU!!! What the ....is the problem then????? We play in hundreds of casinos and portals which are registered at Malta!!!

But now the best:

Till this day no court decided for the player but GUTS pefered to stop alowing gambling at GUTS for german players.
Noone at this world decided that it is NOT allowed for german or EU players to play online. I and alot of friends play in hundreds of casinos and gamblingportals and we never had problems to play in onlinecasinos or at gamblingportals worldwide.

What you need to know (if somebody didn`t know ;) ) germany is a country of the EU, most other players of most or all other EU countries are allowed to play at GUTS and in all other portals and casinos. Guts allows players from denmark, sweden, norway (if i remember right Norway or Sweden is the first market for GUTS) and alot of other EU countries near us to play at their portal, but they kicked us germans out, after i deposited thousands there, had a very high player status or tier or reputation, every supporter knew me and our german playerscommunity because i talked alot with them because i deposited around EVERY DAY THERE!!!!! It`s their decission, ok, but if a player played thousands there we think they could send a thanks for being a high loyal player to say thanks and bye. How?? Send a box with sweets or a coupon which we can use at a casino or portal where german players are allowed or some like that. GUTS decided to do nothing like that. They only said "Sorry and BYE".

They wanted to contact me if some things changed or if the court made a decission about the case with that (ONLYONE!!!) player and the law will set the rules which countries in the EU are allowed to play and which not. They said they will hold the contact to us and will inform us about their own decissions and what their lawyers decided. NOTHING HAPPEND, NEVER!!!!

I contacted the support x times again but all they say is: GERMANS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY HERE.

Germany is most important as gamblingmarket for all casinos and portals worldwide and and they know it, but nothing will work for them in the future without the german playerscommunity and GUTS will not allowed again to make a step into the german market because of this story of their own fault.

All players of all countries :) if you like to play there, PLEASE DO IT, it`s your own decission, but i dont wanted that i hear a story like our someday and that someone says "why haven`t you informed your playerfriends or gamblingfriends worldwide about that portal. We know that the support was most times very very friendly, they had most times great promos, their payouts or cashouts or withdrawals are very fast. Thats are all best reasons to play there, but i wanted to show you the other side.

Please understand that we german players are extremly angry cause we have nothing of that all "great things", they kicked us out with absolutely no reason which anotherone could understand. We know that it`s the decission of every casino or portal who is allowed to play or not but it smells like................(cannot write, it would be political incorrect :-D )

Ok, last words first for all gamblingfriends worldwide :-D GO GO GO GO ...........and bring the casinocashier`s to explode but YOU friends should stand there to hold your arms wideopen :-D

The rest words for Streakgaming :) : if my english is not good enough to understand i please you to change the wrong words or sentenses to the right, but the sense should be the same ;-) , we hope for and trust you ;-) . Thank you for that ;-)

Greetings to all streakers and gamblingfriends worldwide

Hank :bet :playingcardz:sleazysmile


Staff member
Jan 17, 2008
sorry this has happened to you Sponge29, I know it is very frustrating, living
in the US I can relate. there are lots of casinos that will not allow US players any longer


Staff member
Feb 25, 2008
That's right dani, and I had one micro casino that I played at regularly and one day just got an email sorry Aussies can't play here anymore, so unfortunately it does happen and I suppose however much it is annoying in the end it is their prerogative who they allow to play.


Staff member
Jan 8, 2008
Yeah that really sucks Sponge. In this case one apple spoiled the whole bunch and all the Germans got screwed because of that one player that caused so much trouble for them. Sometimes the casinos have to make a judgement call and its not always the best one but we as players have no choice but to accept it. Living in the US I can feel your pain, as we go through it every day!


Staff member
Jan 14, 2008
Many casinos are leaving the German market because they cannot pay for the license fee... There are still plenty that have a German license so you can enjoy playing at another casino I am very sure..