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internet gambling

  1. J

    iGaming Hiccups from New Jersey: APCW Perspectives Weekly 2

    The long awaited launch of Internet gambling in New Jersey has passed, and the focus now turns to solving the issues facing players. Also, industry news from Bodog and Norway. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. J

    Caesers Entertainment Applies for Internet Gambling License!

    New Jersey: Caesars Entertainment applying for Internet gambling licence 17 April 2013 NEW JERSEY -- Caesars Interactive Entertainment is applying for an internet gambling licence in New Jersey, the Press of Atlantic City reported. Caesars Interactive Entertainment want to operate internet...
  3. vixen777

    Romney & Obama Views About Online Gambling

    Romney and the GOP The GOP has long been the party of conservative social values, so it’s no surprise they’ve taken a strong anti-gambling view on their party platform. Their official stance is a ban on iGaming and a return to the pre-December 2011 interpretation of the Federal Wire Act of...
  4. J

    Player Verify Steps Up Verification for Online Gamblers

    Player Verify adds identity checker to iGaming player verification hub 8 May 2012 FRANKLIN, Tenn. -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- The online gaming industry has a powerful new tool for verifying player identity, thanks to a collaboration between Player Verify, LLC, the first secure online...