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WPT Global names winner for $1 for $1 million winner

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Jan 14, 2008
WPT Global launched an exciting online poker option for players a while back titled $1 for $1 million. This competition gave players a chance to win $100,000 with a single dollar investment. The high stakes prize pool was open to low stakes bettors and players really wanted in on the action. After several flights to make it to the end, the event has finished up we know who the lucky winner is.

Who Claimed the First Place Prize?

According to PokerNews, online player “嗅也也” was able to walk away with the first place prize and bragging rights of earning the big win. Crazily enough, the final day would take under twenty minutes to complete. First place took home $100,000 while second was worth $67,500. Third and fourth place earned $45,00 and $33,000.

On the very first hand, an online poker player was eliminated, and it looked like online player Stoffels was going to be leading the action. Stoffels lost a little momentum when one hand was lost and online player “ft抂把孑” doubled up, but Ahhub was eliminated, which lessened the final table even further.

From that point on, “嗅也也” would hold on to the chip lead, continue to play down to the final two, and then earn the first place win. It’s amazing to think that the lucky player was able to enter the competition for just one dollar and finish with the $100,000 prize.

Qualify for WPT World Championship in Las Vegas

Players can now head to WPT Global to compete for a seat at the WPT World Championship, an event set to take place in December in Las Vegas. The Wynn Casino is playing host and the event will offer a ton of poker action with amateur and poker pros participating.