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The Tunnel of Love at Vics Bingo!

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Feb 20, 2008
The Tunnel of Love at Vics Bingo!

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to reaffirm your love for the one that stands beside you unconditionally. Lovers should make nice gestures on a daily basis but on Valentine’s Day one should do something really special. This month is a time for love, caring and affection, so let’s spread the love together! Throughout the course of this month, between February 6th and February 29th, we will feature special Valentine's Day letters in ALL of our bingo rooms. By joining these letters together you will be able to form the word LOVED; if you win all the necessary letters to reach this simple goal, you will need to send the complete set of game numbers to: [email protected] , including the letters pertaining to these game numbers and your account ID.

The players that manage to spell LOVED the most times by the end of the month will get one of these special prizes:

•1st place: $2,000 bonus
•2nd place: $1,500 bonus
•3rd place: $1,000 bonus
•4th place: $750 bonus
•5th place: $500 bonus

Don’t worry if you don’t manage to be amongst the 5 top players, because we will reward anyone that has completed the LOVED set with a $50 bonus!


•Regular rules apply.
•Only special letter games will be accepted.
•All of the winning game numbers must be different, a game number will not count as two winnings even if you won the game by 2 cards.
•Every player is entitled to get the $50 bonus only once, no matter how many sets she/he submitted.
•Only information sent to the previously indicated email will be accepted.
•The deadline to submit this information is: March 1st.
•Final prizes will be credited on Monday, March 5th.

$30 free + 300% deposit bonus
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