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Star-Spangled BINGO At Cyber Bingo

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Feb 25, 2008
Star-Spangled BINGO At Cyber Bingo

Star-Spangled BINGO At Cyber Bingo

Win BIG in BINGO this July

There's no better way to celebrate Independence Day than with Massive
Holiday Fun — and, of course, a BIG BINGO Event! That's why we're
running Star-Spangled BINGO, not just on the Fourth of July, but on
every Sunday throughout the month as well! To join in on the celebration,
just head over to the Summer BINGO Room at 8:00PM EDT each Sunday.

Each Sunday we have four hours of non-stop BINGO fun going on. This
event will have a number of different BINGO games available to make this
event even more exciting. As a start, we're going to run a $4,000 Coverall
(min $400) Game. These BINGO games will cost $1.50 per card in order to

Next up in the Star-Spangled BINGO event is the starting $40 Games. For
these games, cards will cost just $0.25 each. Finally, the last games are
$400 Coverall (min $40) Games, also with a card price of just $0.25! No
matter which of the games and cards you buy, we've got a Buy 7, Get 3
offer in place!

To add some excitement we have something special planned for Sunday,
July 4 EDT! The same games will also run as outlined above, but with bigger

On Sunday, July 4 EDT we will play a $5,000 Coverall (min $500) Game at
$1.50 per card. Additionally, there's a starting $80 Game at $0.25 per card,
and lastly an $800 Coverall (min $80) Game will play with cards at $0.25!

As an extra bonus, there's an additional prize for our "1 To Go" players on
Sunday, July 4 EDT in the form of winning 500 BINGO Points! Be sure to
join us as we bring some fireworks on the 4th by changing things up a bit!
Good luck and may your night with BANG!

Grab your cards now and enjoy some Independence Day fun for the whole
month of July!