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Santa's Toys Workshop-Win a share of 100,000 Loyalty Points At Bet365 Bingo!

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Jan 17, 2008

Win a share of 100,000 Loyalty Points!

Join fellow Bingoheads and create a winning team in our fantastic festive chat promotion. Santa's elves, also known as our Chat Moderators, need a hand in the workshop - and have a generous reward of 100,000 Loyalty Points on offer!

Help them out by taking part in 20 chat games every Wednesday and Sunday in the run-up to Christmas, from 20:00 until 22:00 UK Time, starting 2nd December. Just give your chat name to a CM and you'll be placed in a random team of four, each with a CM Captain Elf, who also takes part for the team.

Every chat game has one, two or three Elf Points up for grabs, depending on who is the fastest to answer. Plus, all tickets with a one-line, two-line or Full House win - or any combination wins in 75 Ball games - will earn five Elf Points for both you and your team. Buy at least one Bingo ticket to take part in each chat game and if you purchase them in advance and win, you'll still be credited, even if you aren't in the room. Remember to keep the same chat name throughout, or you could lose out on points!

An award ceremony will take place on 23rd December, from 20:00 UK Time in The Catwalk room, where the top team will share 30,000 Loyalty Points (LPs), the second team 25,000 and the third 20,000. What's more, the Bingohead who earns the most Elf Points overall will get 5,000 LPs, while everyone else with 100 Elf Points or more will split 20,000 LPs.

Take a look at the dates below and dash on over to Santa's Toy Workshop, join a team, and start earning Elf Points. Xmas could come early for you

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