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Play Your Cards Right - Win A €2000 Unibet Open Bucharest Package At Unibet Online Poker!

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Jan 17, 2008

Here’s a way to win a little extra on the side playing at Unibet Online Poker

This September when you play Poker Cash Games, you can earn yourself extra
tokens to play our fantastic new in-client game, King of Flips, and win great prizes.

Depending on which stakes you play, you can earn Bronze, Silver or Gold tokens –
the better your tokens, the better the prizes!

Play your cards right and you could even win a €2000 Unibet Open Bucharest package.

How’s that for something extra?

How to earn tokens:

You can earn tokens in 3 different tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Earn up to
3 tokens per tier (up to 9 tokens in total per day).

See 50 flops at any of low stakes cash games to earn 1 Bronze token
See 50 flops at any mid stakes cash games to earn 1 Silver token
See 50 flops at any high stakes cash games to earn 1 Gold token

Your progression towards 50 flops will be saved until the end of the following day,
meaning that if you can’t reach 50 flops in one day you can come back the next
day to continue earning your current token.

How to use your tokens:

Once you’ve earned at least one token, you can use it in Poker Flips mini game.
In that Hold’em game, you and the King of Flips (the house) each receive 2 holecards
and a flop, turn and river will be dealt automatically.

After each hand you have the option to collect your prize or risk your prize for a
higher one by playing another flip. If you feel lucky that day, you can play up to
8 flips in order to reach the highest prize!

What can you win:

Prizes differ depending on the token tiers (Bronze, Silver or Gold).
They can be in the form of Bonus Points, cash or even a €2,000 Unibet Open Package!

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