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Intertops Casino Winners Offer Tips on Winning at Slots

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Jan 11, 2011
Intertops Casino Winners Offer Tips on Winning at Slots

Christmas came early for two big winners

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November 12, 2014 -- St. Johns, Antigua (Press Release) &#8211; Intertops Casino congratulates two lucky players in its online casino. Alan N. had an over $70K winning streak playing the car race-themed Dream Run and the Rain Dance slot. John F. hit a $15K progressive playing the holiday classic, Naughty or Nice making it an early Christmas for him.

After a series of wins under $100, Alan N. got 5 of Dream Run&#8217;s &#8220;Pit Girl&#8221; symbols and won $37,500 on one spin. Things were heating up as he started winning larger payouts, between $100 and $500. During the free game feature, he won a total of $42,300.

&#8220;I was amazed and yelled very loudly,&#8221; he told his VIP player representative. &#8220;My first thought was, oh my gosh what did I get!? Then it was like, well that was the best possible spin at the best possible time! It was a bonus spin that won&#8217;t be forgotten.&#8221;

On the same weekend he had another amazing streak playing Rain Dance where his winnings totaled an additional $36K.

Alan, who said he likes to play the stock market when he&#8217;s not enjoying slots, says he&#8217;s going shopping online and will treat himself to a big flat screen TV.

&#8220;If you want my advice,&#8221; Alan says to wannabe winners, &#8220;My tip to anybody playing slots is to vary your bet and don't stick to one size of bet. Go up and go down on your bet.&#8221;

&#8220;I have been playing at Intertops for a long time and the biggest reason I play there is their customer service.&#8221;

Meanwhile, John F. hit the SD progressive playing Naughty or Nice and won $15,849 on one $2 bet.

&#8220;I was shocked!&#8221; John told an Intertops Customer Service representative. &#8220;I&#8217;ve never won that much money before, I was extremely happy.&#8221;

John, a Restaurant and Night Club Manager, hasn&#8217;t told his wife or twelve-year-old daughter about his good fortune yet.

&#8220;I really didn&#8217;t share with anybody yet. I&#8217;m going to surprise my wife!&#8221;

John plays Naughty or Nice regularly, but he has some other favorites as well. &#8220;I also like Return of the Rudolph, Achilles and White Rhino.&#8221;

&#8220;If you want to win at this game you just have to keep at it,&#8221; he advises. &#8220;I trust Intertops as opposed to other online gaming sites.&#8221;

Intertops&#8217; $180,000 Golden Chase event continues to award weekly casino bonuses until December 15th. Every week 20 players will receive a $500 bonus and ten more will get $300 &#8211; a total of 300 players are getting weekly bonuses.

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