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Blast Off Into Space On The Galactic Gamble Promotion With Red Flush Casino - Microgaming

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Jan 8, 2008
Blast off into space on the Galactic Gamble with Red Flush Casino!

The countdown begins. Five…Four…Three…Two and One. Houston, we have lift off.
Strap on your space boots and get ready for an intergalactic adventure on the Galactic Gamble.

How do I play?

The Galactic Gamble takes players on a space adventure where they travel from one planet to another with the aim of unlocking prizes.
In order to unlock the prizes, players need to complete achievements on each planet by earning Recharge points.
Earning Recharge points is easy, simply play your favourite games at the casino and you will receive Recharge points.
Players can choose to gamble their prize on each planet using the clever Galactic Gamble feature.
Once you have completed the achievements on a planet you can WARP to the next planet by hitting on the green WARP button.

Log in to the casino and select the Galactic Gamble message to start your space adventure.

Out of this world prizes
• Cash
• Free Spins
• Bonuses
• Loyalty points
• An iPhone 6 in a weekly draw

Move up the ranks

Start off as a rookie and work your way through to the different ranks as you travel the various planets. Change up from a Rookie to an Amateur then a Veteran and ultimately aLegend.
This interstellar journey starts on 5 March 2015 and runs until 19 April 2015.

With Max Damage as your Station Commander and the faith of the galaxy depending on you. Are you ready to play?

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