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5 Sizzling Tables, 7 Scorching Prizes At MrGreen Live Casino

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Feb 25, 2008
5 Sizzling Tables, 7 Scorching Prizes At MrGreen Live Casino

Fancy playing Mr Green’s mobile app on the new iPhone X or iPad Pro?
How about capturing those winning moments on a GoPro 6? If gadgets aren’t your
thing then we have plenty of cash prizes to be won on our symbolic roulette tables.

What You Can Win

1st Prize - iPhone X or €600 Cash
2nd Prize - iPad Pro 64GB or €350 Cash
3rd Prize - GoPro Hero 6 or €300 Cash
4th Prize - Apple Watch Series 3 or €250 Cash
5th Prize - €300 Cash
6th Prize - €200 Cash
7th Prize - €150 Cash

How You Can Win

Earn your place on our LIVE draw ticket leaderboard by collecting Reel Roulette
symbol points across our 5 exclusive tables
Each symbol awards a different number of leaderboard points (Hover your mouse
over the symbol to see the points value)
Earn points by placing an active bet on a winning symbol
Win or lose, you’ll earn 30 bonus points for every €50 you wager
The in-game leaderboard displays the players with the most points, the more points
you earn the more LIVE draw tickets you win
Every 30 points will earn you 1 LIVE draw ticket and every 100 points earned gives
you 4 LIVE draw tickets
Draw tickets are awarded according to the total points on the leaderboard regardless
of their position on it
7 winners in total will be drawn LIVE on 1st March, 2018 at 22:00 CET at our Golden Ball table

Symbol Leaderboard Points

80 to 1 odds - 80 Points
18 to 1 odds - 18 Points
3 to 1 odds - 3 Points
1 to 1 odds - 1 Point

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Sizzling Hot
Dolphins Roulette
Lucky Ladies
Reel King

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