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£200 Lucky Dip At Lucky Pants Bingo

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Feb 20, 2008
£200 Lucky Dip At Lucky Pants Bingo

Win an iPad, watch, Kindle, cash & more at Lucky Pants Bingo!

When: Every Friday at 8.30pm
Where: £200 Lucky Dip room in the Prebuys tab in the lobby
Prizes: FH: £100 up to £200 gift or cash, 2 line: £15, 1 line: £10
Card price: 10p
Game type: 90 Ball

Enjoy a new kind of sliding fun…bingo in the fewest calls and win the biggest prize! It’s a lucky dip every Friday
with a guaranteed min. £100 prezzie!

How to Play: Head to the Prebuys tab in the lobby and enter the £200 Lucky Dip room to buy your cards.
Date: Every Friday.
UK Time: 8.30pm
Place: £200 Lucky Dip room in the Prebuys tab in the lobby
Card Price: 10p
Prize(s): 1 line: £10, 2 line: £15 Full House: jackpot slides from £200 gift to guaranteed £100 gift or Cash
Game Type: 90 Ball
Best promo for: treating yourself to a nice surprise

Terms and Conditions

  • Lucky Dip promotion is a 90 Ball Prebuy game which runs every Friday evening at 8.30pm UK Local Time. The
    1st game will play on 10th of January.
  • The cost of a card is 10p. You can buy in for a maximum of 96 tickets.
  • This game is a sliding jackpot game where the prize value is determined by the number of calls in which the player
    calls Bingo. See the table above to follow the call table per gift jackpot.
  • The winner of the game will receive the corresponding gift or they can receive the prize value in cash.
  • If a winner chooses a gift, it will be dispatched within 2-14 working days on completion of the game and
    confirmation of delivery address.
  • General Promotional Terms and Conditions apply.

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