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Intertops btc deposit problem

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Feb 21, 2009

I assume Streak Gaming still supports Intertops.

I have always been able to deposit from coinbase with no problems.

Last month, I learned if you transfer your btc to GDAX there is no fee

to send to a casino, which is great since the fees are ridiculous.

So, yesterday, I tried sending from GDAX and the btc address I got in the cashier

at Intertops came back as an invalid address.

I tried 3 times, each time getting a new btc address, each time, getting the same error.

Intertops emails me and says the addresses may have expired before I could use them,

which makes no sense since I just got them.

I really don't want to send through coinbase or blockchain because of the fees.

Any ideas or suggestions would be great!