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Gold Rush Ranking 2012 at Paf Poker

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Feb 20, 2008
Gold Rush Ranking 2012 at Paf Poker

The Paf Gold Rush Ranking Series is played exclusively at Paf Spade Poker and will reveal who is the best online tournament player of 2012. Gold Rush 2012 has a calculated added value of over €75,000 which can be won in the monthly and annual finals as well as in the total ranking and monthly rankings.

The Gold Rush Ranking Series 2012 consists of a total ranking list, two ranking online poker tournaments per week, monthly finals, monthly rankings and an annual final held in January 2013. Paf will add 10% of the prize pools in every ranking tournaments to the finals’ prize pool, and Paf will also add a live package in every monthly final to, for example, GSOP Live and Paf Poker Challenge. Paf Poker also adds extra value in live event tickets and online tickets each month and in the annual final.

This is how Gold Rush 2012 works:

The Gold Rush ranking series at Paf Spade Poker will be take place between 1 February and 31 December 2012. There will be a planned summer break in the series between 1 July and 31 August. Ranking tournaments are played twice a week (Thursdays and Sundays) and the results of those add up the rankings. Every month the top players from every ranking tournament meet in a monthly final. Paf will add 10% of the prize pool from the ranking tournaments to the finals prize pool. Paf will also add live event packages like GSOP Live and Paf Poker Challenge in the finals. The monthly finals and the annual final are completely free for players who have qualified for them.

Ranking tournaments on Thursdays and Sundays

The ranking tournaments, which cost 28 dollars to take part in, take place every Thursday and Sunday at 19:30 CET in Spade Poker. The ranking list, which will be continually updated on Paf.com, is based solely on these ranking tournaments. In addition to the cash prizes the top 5 % (minimum 3 players) in every ranking tournament will also qualify for the monthly final (see below).

Qualification to ranking tournaments

You can qualify to ranking tournaments via our $6 freezeout qualifiers that are played 2 times a day (starting at 17:05 and 20:05 Cet) as well as 1 $5,50 rebuy tournament on the same day as the ranking tournament (at 17:35 Cet). One $28 Gold Rush-ticket is guaranteed in every qualifier.

The formula we use for ranking points looks like this:

5 * √ √B + 1 * (N - 1) / P

5 = Starting points, B = Buy-in, N = Number of players, P = Position

There are 4 ways to win in Gold Rush.