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vics bingo

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    Tuesday Promotions at Vics Bingo

    Vics Bingo Bingo Deposit Promotions Enjoy our Special Tuesdays and make good use of the fabulous bonuses we're offering today! Deposits between $25 and $49 will get you a 150% bonus. Depositing between $50 and $74 will land you a 180% bonus. Deposits between $75 and $99 qualify for a 200%...
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    The Tunnel of Love at Vics Bingo!

    The Tunnel of Love at Vics Bingo! Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to reaffirm your love for the one that stands beside you unconditionally. Lovers should make nice gestures on a daily basis but on Valentine’s Day one should do something really special. This month is a time for...
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    The Snowman’s Festival at Vics Bingo

    Vics Bingo The Snowman’s Festival Whether it’s snowing outside or not, this month we invite you to join our winter wonderland and enjoy a perfect white season! It’s time for you to let your imagination run wild and build your own snowman, with your own personal touch, as we’re looking forward...
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    Bingo Games Promotions at Vics-Bingo

    Bingo Games Promotions at Vics-Bingo Vics-Bingo has taken matters seriously to make sure you’re not disappointed with what we have to offer on Tuesdays. All we can say is that we are absolutely certain you will find plenty of reasons to keep playing online bingo with us! From Progressive...